Easy peasy healthy yummy breakies

breakies 2

Sometimes we need breakfast that is no-fuss, quick but still healthy and delicious. This bowl of goodness is as easy as combining all the ingredients and digging in:

  1. Frozen yogurt -our variation was 2 packs of home frozen Greek yogurt
  2. Granola
  3. Dried coconut flakes
  4. Blackberries -yes the fruit
  5. Dried currrants

Weekend in Food

Weekends = Food + Food +more Good Food

When Mr.K tries to achieve the target to reduce the time in between posts from well…6 months to less than 6 days, some shortcuts are inevitable.

Saturday cousin-come-dining was Mrs. K’s chinese stir fried “seasonal vegetables” a.k.a. sizveg and super yummy sweet potato mash.

saturdaySunday on the other hand was grilled lamb chops braised in Mr’K’s secret sauce served with sides of jollof rice and dodo… let’s say we will need to hit the gym to atone for the digging in.


Experimental breakies

A perception about healthy eating is that the meals are boring and tasteless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When Mr.K saw eggs in avocado in an online magazine, it was a matter of when not if we’d give it a go.

Give it a go we did and we ended up with a meal that was quick to prepare and as tasty as it was pleasant to look at.

Add salt and pepper, preferably to the avocado before breaking in the eggs, bake for 10-20 minutes on medium heat depending on how you want your eggs. We served ours with grilled mutton kebabs and doubled up on salsa and green chili. I imagine this would be amazing on toast or crackers or garlic bread

avocado_1 avocado_2 avocado_3 avocado_4 avocado_finish

5 Steps to the T

What happens when Mr. Kitchen goes on AWOL and refuses to complete a blog post 6 weeks after starting it? Apparently Mrs. Kitchen adopts the “siddon look” approach.

It’s a good day and i have decided to complete this post and hopefully open the floodgates to new posts. It’s an easy post though, because meat is one of my best words not unlike other African men.

How do you get the perfect meat? Read on for 5 easy steps

1. Start with good quality meat, you cannot perform magic on a poor quality cut

IMG_2477 (3)

2. If meat is frozen, thaw to room temperature, rub with salt and pepper and let sit for about an hour


3. You have the option of using a grill or a pan. I used a skillet. Heat a skillet till it’s very hot and then oil the skillet or the meat. Place meat in skillet and seal the steak by cooking on high heat for 3 minutes on each side.

IMG_22264. Continue on low heat to preferred tenderness  (6 minutes each side for VERY well done). Serve with preferred sides and sauce (we had grilled sweet potatoes,salad and a Mrs.K garlic sauce



5. I don’t know what happened next but i got to the “T” very quickly


Low fat, low carb, high protein meal plan


Meal plans are easy to come by, there are 43 million just a Google click away. The challenge is that what tastes good for a blogger in California is absolute crap for the reader in Delhi, a tummy-reducing plan that works for the commuter in London would be tummy enhancing for the chauffeur driven house of reps member in Abuja and couch potatoes and gym rats require absolutely different meal plans.

That said, after years of healthy cooking and eating, we finally have enough meals in our repertoire to run on a meal plan and although the ‘program’ is only in its third week, it’s been very useful having and sticking to a meal plan. One of the most exciting things about the plan is that a sufficient calorie deficit over the course of a week permits the occasional luxury –SaltLagos marble cake, champagne or even a pizza!

Our meal plan aims to get enough proteins while maintaining fats and carbohydrates at a minimal level. It’s also worth noting that for both of us, we are only trying to maintain weight and stay healthy, well maybe lose 5kg between the both of us. We also maintain a fairly active lifestyle, averaging 4 hours of exercise a week.

Below is our meal plan for the week ahead, this is what works for us at this point in time. We welcome your thoughts and ideas. Happy reading! Happy cooking! Happy eating!

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks
Monday Baked beans & sunny side up (275) Thai green curry (shrimps, solefish, carrots, baby marrow) + basmati rice (650) Grilled mutton seekh kebab with mixed green salad (180) Apple, nuts, greek yoghurt, coffee, herbal/black/green tea, unsweetened (350)
Tuesday Oats with sugar & semi-skilled milk (or soymilk) & tuna (270) Pasta, chicken sauce and mixed vegetables (350) Mixed green salad & turkey cold cut (150) Coffee, nuts, fruits & lucozade energy (400)
Wednesday Seekh kebab & scrambled eggs (350) Mixed greens & tomato salad with grilled turkey (400) Fruits & soymilk latte (350) Greek yoghurt, nuts, biscuits, oranges(400)
Thursday Flatbread wrap with mixed greens, omelettes & seeekh kebab (420) Couscous with vegetables & chicken (500) Dine out (600++) Biscuits, Soy milk & Pear (370)
Friday Muesli & a boiled egg (310) Sweet potato & prawn sauce (450) Yoghurt & fruits (200) Coffee, nuts, fruits & soy milk (300)
(x) is a representative calorie content of the meals and can vary widely based on quantities
Mixed greens = spinach, rocket leaves &lettuce
Mixed vegetables = broccoli, carrots, green beans & cabbage

and by the way… Mrs. K has got us going with tomorrow’s lunch…a detailed recipe will follow soon… just watch this space!