Pancake Month at Clinton Street

Pancake Tuesday was last month and the good people at Clinton Street decided to celebrate that and Valentine’s day all month long in February and even extended it to a few days in March.

Now, if you know us, you’ll know we are crazy about pancakes. Mrs. Kitchen makes made amazing pancakes and she has refused to make any more since our love affair with Clinton Street started.

Trying out all the pancake flavors on offer for Pancake Month at Clinton Street would have made us broke, but we were able to catch 3 of the 11 different kinds on offer; we don’t know who comes up with these combinations but they all made our mouths water.

The different pancakes that were available on different days were:

  • Raspberry pancakes
  • Fresh coconut pancakes
  • Crunchy bananas
  • Bavarian apple pancakes
  • Japanese pumpkin pancakes
  • Chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries
  • Fresh blackberries
  • Blueberry crumb streusel
  • Black cherries
  • German chocolate pancakes
  • Coconut and key lime pancakes

We had the Japanese pumpkin pancakes, chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries (delivery) and coconut and key lime pancakes.

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-09 at 13.39.42
Japanese pumpkin pancakes
Chocolate chunks and fresh raspberries
WhatsApp Image 2018-03-09 at 13.37.44
Coconut and key lime pancakes

We have to say that they were all amazing and the flavors came together nicely; their maple butter is deliciously out of this world. We are now starting a pancake fund so that we can try all of the pancake flavors when next they have a Pancake Month 🙂

The other day when we looked like professionals…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

If there ever was a grinch who stole Valentine’s, then it’s Mrs. Kitchen, but that didn’t stop us from taking part in the London Dairy and BBC Good Food Middle East Valentine’s cooking competition last weekend.

We arrived at Fairmont, The Palm, Dubai nice and early and we were up against 3 other couples. Our task was to recreate a dessert made by Chef Romain Van Durmen which was a brownie, salted caramel, caramelized peanuts and tempered chocolate served with pralines and cream ice-cream from London Dairy, and we had to do this in 45 minutes!!!

Chef Romain’s dessert

It was intense and those 45 minutes went by really quickly. We didn’t win, but we had tons of fun participating and we were thoroughly spoiled by BBC Good Food Middle East and London Dairy (Let’s know if you would like some ice-cream and we can send you some).

Our re-creation
The hamper we got from London Dairy
Thanks BBC Good Food Middle East!

We hope you enjoy the slide-show below.

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Afternoon Tea Review: The Champagne and Tea Lounge, DUKES Dubai

A couple of weeks ago, we posted pictures on Instagram from our afternoon tea experience at The Champagne and Tea Lounge, DUKES Dubai. Mr. K. described it as the best afternoon tea we have had in Dubai; I couldn’t agree more.

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Ambience: The ambience is okay; not as fancy as the typical afternoon or high tea rooms that we are used to, no harpist or pianist, I don’t even remember hearing any music 😦 . It was also devoid of huge floral displays which we absolutely love, à la Palm Court at The Langham in London or Al Bayt at Palace Downtown, Dubai.

The china was also not fancy so I guess the understatement may be deliberate.

The table was a tad small and cramped for 4 people but the food, tea and service made up for what was lacking in ambience.

Food: The sandwiches were lovely and we had the usual smoked salmon and cream cheese, cucumber and also egg salad sandwiches. We got sandwich refills (trust me, this is a big deal as we’ve been to other afternoon teas where they don’t offer refills of even the tea). The scones were nice and warm and the texture was absolutely divine.

We found some of the sweets a tad too sweet, the meringue especially. Other than that, everything was great. As it was during the Christmas holidays, mince pies were included as part of the offerings. We are typically not fans of mince pies but we became converts when we tasted theirs; the pastry was crisp and not heavy or chunky like shop-bought ones and the taste of the filling delicious and not overpowering.

They have an amazing selection of teas and we absolutely loved the one called Celebration. We had the Happy Forest (which is a fruit infusion), the Lapsang Souchong and one with Saffron (I don’t remember the name). We got a complimentary birthday dessert as it was my sister’s birthday and we also had fun Christmas crackers on the table.

Service: The service was 5 star. From the moment we called to make reservations, the staff were attentive and asked about allergies and if there was a celebration. They were knowledgeable on the teas, always had a smile and were very happy to offer us refills on the sandwiches, sweets and scones.

Pricing: The London Afternoon Tea (no champagne) costs AED 170 per person. Psssst: they accept Entertainer, so you can get 2 for the price of 1.

Scores: We give The Champagne and Tea Lounge a deserving 8.5 out of 10 (Mr. K. does the grading as always) and we highly recommend it.

Location: The Champagne and Tea Lounge is located at DUKES Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai.

Happy New Year(s)!


Happy New Year Everyone!

As we also did not post on the blog at all in 2017, we feel we owe you a greeting for the past year as well. We hope you missed us as much as we missed blogging and you of course!

A lot happened in the time that went by; we had Baby Kitchen 🙂 🙂 🙂 , we launched an Instagram page and we moved to Dubai (so expect some Dubai restaurant reviews in some of our posts). Some things didn’t change however; we still love to cook, eat and blog.

We have great plans for this year and we hope you stick with us.

Have a fantastic year ahead. Wishing you good health, love and happiness!


Restaurant Review: Tarragon

Sometime last month, Mr. K and I had planned date night and I wanted it to be somewhere fancy with really good food. I wasn’t so fussed about Sky Lounge or Villa Medici so we thought to give Tarragon a try. I had seen Chef Tiyan (she runs the show over there)  put stuff about it on Instagram and she had also sent out a text earlier that day mentioning that it was now open but I didn’t know anyone who had tried their food.

We made reservations and got there a little after 8pm and we were greeted with complimentary glasses of champagne…they won my heart immediately. We also got complimentary shots of potato and leek soup which was absolutely delicious.


The decor was simple and unpretentious and we only saw 2 waitstaff through out the night which for me was fantastic. I hate to go to places and feel outnumbered by waitstaff who are either gisting or staring and making you feel uncomfortable. The 2 waitstaff effectively managed 4 tables while we there and one of those tables had about 6 people.

Mr. K had the Butternut squash soup for starters and I had the Chicken (minced chicken, honey, sesame seeds and chives).

Of course, I had some of his soup and it was soooo good. My chicken came late and slightly undercooked; I sent it back and Chef Tiyan couldn’t believe a plate came back to her kitchen. She asked the waitstaff to make up for it with bottomless free champagne and my chicken came back nice and well cooked. We were also served some really nice olive bread and milk bread.

For our mains, I had the Atlantic Pompano (served with potato 2 ways: mash and the other one was like a crisp) and Mr. K had the Lobster. The mains were very good but I found the potato crisp thing a little too crisp, I couldn’t cut through it and I had to pick it up with my fingers to eat it.



Dessert…Dear Lord God!!! It was amazing. Mr. K and I shared the Tarragon trio (and only because the waitstaff talked us into it). We don’t normally order dessert at restaurants; we would typically finish dinner and then find an ice-cream or frozen yoghurt place or go have tea with cake at home.


The Tarragon trio was a cheesecake, apple tartlet and creme brulee; Mr. K doesn’t like custard but he licked the creme brulee clean. They all came together nicely and was a good end to a lovely meal.

Damage for a 2 and a half course meal for 2 people was about N45,000 excluding liquor, as we enjoyed free champagne. Oh, I had an apple spritzer…very refreshing and delicious by the way. It’s pretty pricey at Tarragon but I wasn’t upset at the bill because the food was great, the ambience was great too and so were the waitstaff. I think it’s worth the money and if Nigeria was a Michelin star region, Tarragon deserves at least 2 stars.

We give Tarragon a 9.25 out of 10 (Mr. K did the grading, I don’t know what the .25 is about).

Tarragon is located at 50, Raymond Njoku street, off Awolowo road, Ikoyi.

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We’re still here!!!

We have no excuses for disappearing. Work got a little hectic for Mr. K and I and we just kept procrastinating the posts but we’re still here.

Sometime during all these weeks of silence, Mr. K and I went on a protein diet for a week – no salt, no sugar, no veggies, no carbs, no nuts, no fruits…in short, no life. It was the toughest thing to do (especially the first few days and because we were also working out) but we needed the crash diet. I lost 2.5kgs and Mr. K lost about 4kgs. I’ll put up a post and eating plan on that soon but I don’t advice it, unless you’re trying to fit into a dress at the weekend.

We also had the wonderful Aghatise’s over for dinner some weekends back. Happy Wedding Anniversary Guys!!! Their 3rd wedding anniversary was yesterday. “Come Dine With Us” post also coming up before the end of the week.

We’ll leave you with our latest breakfast crush for now, before we put up all the other posts. It’s the breadless burger and it’s oh-so amazing. Trust me, you won’t miss the bread (that much).

Breadless burger ingredients:

  • Burger pattie (beef or chicken)
  • Cabbage
  • Eggs (optional)
  • Onions (optional)
  • Tomatoes (I didn’t have regular ones so I used cherry tomatoes)
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese (I found light ones)

The method: It’s really simple

  1. Rinse all veggies and soak in vinegar for a few minutes.
  2. Grill the pattie. If you have the energy to start a bbq fire, please, by all means. I use either a halogen cooker or a grill pan.
  3. Heat the onions in a frying pan so it doesn’t taste raw and leave you with onion breath (you can leave them raw or skip the the onions altogether)
  4. Fry the egg(s). My preference for this is sunny side up eggs, but you can skip the eggs if you like.
  5. Now it’s time to assemble the burger however you like but be sure to use the cabbage as the “bun”.

It is really quick, simple and very enjoyable. I found the light cheese at Spar supermarket (Lekki) but I’m sure they have them everywhere.

Mr. K looked it up for me and each slice is just 38 calories. See more info below.


Our Weekend in Food

I woke up on Saturday morning craving spicy food. The craving was so bad that I put all my “issues with market” aside and hit the road to get “orisirisi”meat to make ofada sauce.

We had  ofada rice and sauce for lunch on Saturday.

Ofada sauce
Ofada sauce
Yes...2 forks, we ate together.
Yes…2 forks, we ate together.

On Sunday, we had rice again 😦 but if it’s any excuse, we had it as a side.  Mr. K and I made risotto with pan seared salmon.

P1000421The risotto was a basic one and the entire meal was no-fuss but yet sooo delicious; we didn’t need any thing else but the ingredients in the picture above.

P1000425Mr. K will write a post on cooking an amazing basic risotto soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Our Weekend In Food

We really pigged out this weekend and we feel so terrible…not!

We had rice & beans for late lunch on Saturday (we were too hungry to take pictures) and then headed to Sweet Kiwi for froyo.

Sunday’s breakfast was pancakes and eggs.

P1000362P1000363Mr. Kitchen grilled a whole duck for dinner and we had them with some veggies.


The glaze was
The glaze was “chilli-honey-orange”

P1000392We’ll pay for it during the week…it’s salad for lunch tomorrow 😦

Look Momma, I Made It!!!

Am I the only one who thinks that it’s kind of like a big deal that I successfully wrapped moin-moin leaves? The answer is no; Mr Kitchen thinks so too 🙂

I had a moin-moin leaf wrapping tutorial from my Mother-in-Law who visited us at the weekend. My Mother has tried to teach me on several occasions but the catastrophic spills and the moin-moin never making it into the pot scarred me for a while.

I’m no expert but I’ll share the steps with you in pictures.

Snap and remove the spine of the leaf from about a third of the leaf to the bottom. This ensures that the spine doesn't rip the leaf when you fold it.
Snap and remove the spine of the leaf from about a third of the leaf to the bottom. This ensures that the spine doesn’t rip the leaf when you fold it.
Fold the leaf one side at a time in the shape of a cone.
Fold the leaf one side at a time in the shape of a cone.
Fold a little section from the bottom backwards
Fold a little section from the bottom backwards
Open the hollow of the cone
Open the hollow of the cone
Fill with the moin-moin mixture
Fill with the moin-moin mixture
Fold the leaf by tucking in at the center and then folding down one side at a time
Fold the leaf by tucking in at the center and then folding down one side at a time
Then fold the top backwards
Then fold the top backwards
Yayyy! It made it to the pot in one piece
Yayyy! It made it to the pot in one piece
I even tried the 2-leaf technique
I even tried the 2-leaf technique

Happy moin-moin wrapping and I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did.

Mrs K.

Our weekend in food

Hi everyone,

Hope your weekend was great and your week has got off to a good start.

We had a food-filled weekend, starting from date night on Friday evening. We had dinner at RSVP (our first time there) and we really intended to do a review but I wasn’t in the mood to focus on some details; I had had a crappy day so I really just wanted to drink. The food was very tasty, ambience was good but I found it pricey especially for how little the portions were.

We had the pulled pork sliders (a tad too much sugar) and the prawn machos for starters.

rsvp startersFor our main, we had the jumbo prawns (provencale i presume, it says “provencial” on their menu) and the most amazing side ever – sweet potatoes and cheese (I forget what type) fritters.

rsvp prawnsExcept you fancy really expensive “orijin”, you can skip the “Naija spritzer” cocktail. It was a mix of prosecco, angostura bitters and some fruit juice (or was it fanta?)…totally not a fan.

I had frozen a hand of bananas on Thursday night and some of it went into the blender on Saturday night with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some milk and some ice  cubes.  The end result was a yummy banana milkshake; thankfully, the cup of indulgence cleared out our system and we repeated in on Sunday night for our family who gate crashed for dinner. Of course we warned them about the semi-laxative effect and we got testimonies later 🙂

Our milkshake brings all the...ugh...never mind!
Our milkshake brings all the…ugh…never mind!

For brunch on Sunday, Mr. K grilled potatoes in their jacket and sausages, I made the eggs, added a bit of mesclun leaves to our plates and it was a really easy-peasy enjoyable brunch.

The butter melted right into it...yum!
The butter melted right into it…yum!

Yoga and squash this week, anyone?


Mr. + Mrs. K