The other day when we looked like professionals…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

If there ever was a grinch who stole Valentine’s, then it’s Mrs. Kitchen, but that didn’t stop us from taking part in the London Dairy and BBC Good Food Middle East Valentine’s cooking competition last weekend.

We arrived at Fairmont, The Palm, Dubai nice and early and we were up against 3 other couples. Our task was to recreate a dessert made by Chef Romain Van Durmen which was a brownie, salted caramel, caramelized peanuts and tempered chocolate served with pralines and cream ice-cream from London Dairy, and we had to do this in 45 minutes!!!

Chef Romain’s dessert

It was intense and those 45 minutes went by really quickly. We didn’t win, but we had tons of fun participating and we were thoroughly spoiled by BBC Good Food Middle East and London Dairy (Let’s know if you would like some ice-cream and we can send you some).

Our re-creation
The hamper we got from London Dairy
Thanks BBC Good Food Middle East!

We hope you enjoy the slide-show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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