Our Weekend in Food

I woke up on Saturday morning craving spicy food. The craving was so bad that I put all my “issues with market” aside and hit the road to get “orisirisi”meat to make ofada sauce.

We had  ofada rice and sauce for lunch on Saturday.

Ofada sauce
Ofada sauce
Yes...2 forks, we ate together.
Yes…2 forks, we ate together.

On Sunday, we had rice again 😦 but if it’s any excuse, we had it as a side.  Mr. K and I made risotto with pan seared salmon.

P1000421The risotto was a basic one and the entire meal was no-fuss but yet sooo delicious; we didn’t need any thing else but the ingredients in the picture above.

P1000425Mr. K will write a post on cooking an amazing basic risotto soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


2 thoughts on “Our Weekend in Food

  1. Hey Mrs K,

    “issues with market”” cracked me up XD

    I could literally taste the fried dodo simply by looking at the photo, it look so nicely browned and crisp.

    Ofada sauce is delightful, I like how interesting the “orisirisi” makes the eating experience, I usually like to have one “orisirisi” per spoonful of rice. Lol

    The risotto dish is beautifully plated.


    1. Thank you Nedoux. We are trying to be all pro with plating…maybe we’ll do a short course and perfect it…lol.
      Issues with market are serious o, the kind of thing one needs therapy for.

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