Experimental breakies

A perception about healthy eating is that the meals are boring and tasteless. Nothing could be farther from the truth. When Mr.K saw eggs in avocado in an online magazine, it was a matter of when not if we’d give it a go.

Give it a go we did and we ended up with a meal that was quick to prepare and as tasty as it was pleasant to look at.

Add salt and pepper, preferably to the avocado before breaking in the eggs, bake for 10-20 minutes on medium heat depending on how you want your eggs. We served ours with grilled mutton kebabs and doubled up on salsa and green chili. I imagine this would be amazing on toast or crackers or garlic bread

avocado_1 avocado_2 avocado_3 avocado_4 avocado_finish

One thought on “Experimental breakies

  1. Hello Mrs. K,

    Such a delightful combination. I love the buttery texture and taste of nicely ripened avocado. The nutritional benefits are great too.

    You present food so prettily, that one would feel almost guilty eating and spoiling the “picture” 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this.


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