5 Steps to the T

What happens when Mr. Kitchen goes on AWOL and refuses to complete a blog post 6 weeks after starting it? Apparently Mrs. Kitchen adopts the “siddon look” approach.

It’s a good day and i have decided to complete this post and hopefully open the floodgates to new posts. It’s an easy post though, because meat is one of my best words not unlike other African men.

How do you get the perfect meat? Read on for 5 easy steps

1. Start with good quality meat, you cannot perform magic on a poor quality cut

IMG_2477 (3)

2. If meat is frozen, thaw to room temperature, rub with salt and pepper and let sit for about an hour


3. You have the option of using a grill or a pan. I used a skillet. Heat a skillet till it’s very hot and then oil the skillet or the meat. Place meat in skillet and seal the steak by cooking on high heat for 3 minutes on each side.

IMG_22264. Continue on low heat to preferred tenderness  (6 minutes each side for VERY well done). Serve with preferred sides and sauce (we had grilled sweet potatoes,salad and a Mrs.K garlic sauce



5. I don’t know what happened next but i got to the “T” very quickly


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