Our weekend in food

Hi everyone,

Hope your weekend was great and your week has got off to a good start.

We had a food-filled weekend, starting from date night on Friday evening. We had dinner at RSVP (our first time there) and we really intended to do a review but I wasn’t in the mood to focus on some details; I had had a crappy day so I really just wanted to drink. The food was very tasty, ambience was good but I found it pricey especially for how little the portions were.

We had the pulled pork sliders (a tad too much sugar) and the prawn machos for starters.

rsvp startersFor our main, we had the jumbo prawns (provencale i presume, it says “provencial” on their menu) and the most amazing side ever – sweet potatoes and cheese (I forget what type) fritters.

rsvp prawnsExcept you fancy really expensive “orijin”, you can skip the “Naija spritzer” cocktail. It was a mix of prosecco, angostura bitters and some fruit juice (or was it fanta?)…totally not a fan.

I had frozen a hand of bananas on Thursday night and some of it went into the blender on Saturday night with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, some milk and some ice  cubes.  The end result was a yummy banana milkshake; thankfully, the cup of indulgence cleared out our system and we repeated in on Sunday night for our family who gate crashed for dinner. Of course we warned them about the semi-laxative effect and we got testimonies later 🙂

Our milkshake brings all the...ugh...never mind!
Our milkshake brings all the…ugh…never mind!

For brunch on Sunday, Mr. K grilled potatoes in their jacket and sausages, I made the eggs, added a bit of mesclun leaves to our plates and it was a really easy-peasy enjoyable brunch.

The butter melted right into it...yum!
The butter melted right into it…yum!

Yoga and squash this week, anyone?


Mr. + Mrs. K

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