We’re up…yay! Plus a quick salad recipe

Hi there,

Welcome to our blog. So we (more like I) tried to push this till the new year, but Mr. Kitchen was having none of that procrastination stuff. So here we are, starting a blog on the last day of the year. It is a food blog where we aim to share recipes and review restaurants and meals; we hope you share our love for food and that you enjoy this blog.

Oh, and the name…long story short, our favorite room in the house is the kitchen, we are always in there, if we are late for work, it’s because we spent an extra bit of time in the kitchen, we love experimenting with food, we like cooking our meals, we like eating out, it just had to be Mr. & Mrs. Kitchen.

To celebrate our first post, we’ll be sharing a simple refreshing salad recipe that I made for a family Christmas lunch. We both had an idea of what and what would go into the salad but the inner Martha Stewart in me toyed with the presentation and then bell peppers had to be added to the ingredient list.

Smoked Salmon Salad

1 serving
1 serving

You’ll need:

1. Smoked salmon slice (1 slice will do for 2 people. You can get frozen ones from Spar and Goodies (in Lagos Nigeria). L’epicerie gets fresh ones weekly and they have them refrigerated).

2. Egg (hard boiled)

3. A mix of lettuce, spinach and rocket leaves

4. Cherry tomatoes

5. Bell pepper (any color will do)

6. Black pepper

7. Lemon

The method:

There really is no method, you’ll just have to put everything together as you would like it. My sister suggested i chop the smoked salmon in bits and just have a  mixed salad, you could do that but I was fussed about the presentation.

– Toss the leaves together

– Slice the bell pepper (I had to get a perfect slice as I used it as the “container”) and stuff a handful of leaves through it.

– Roll the smoked salmon slice and place on the leaves

– Cut the egg in 2 vertically and place on the plate

– Add the tomatoes

– Sprinkle crushed black pepper on the salmon slice

– Drizzle juice from the lemon

And that’s it…really! No dressing required.


Mrs. K

P.s: Have a fabulous 2015.

salmon salad

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